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Jeanine Skinner – Practice Manager

Jeanine Skinner, Practice Manager

Jeanine Skinner – Practice Manager

Where do I begin, my love of Chiropractic started when I was 18 years old.For me it has been a wonderful, continuing life long journey of taking care of my spine, body and nervous system.

I originated from Geelong, Victoria, and decided to move to the beautiful Gold Coast for the sunny weather, and have now been here for nearly 14 years. I am now a Mudgeeraba local and love it!

I decided to work in Chiropractic when I was in my later years as my passion and belief was so strong I wanted to share my journey and experience to others.

Chiropractic has helped me in so many different ways, through many difficult times in my life, and also many wonderful times.

It has helped me every day to deal with the stresses that life throws at me, it helps my mind, body and soul to be strong and fight off disease.

It helps me to feel great about myself each and every day, and to enable my body to do the many things I love to do.

My career started in the Chiropractic Industry in Melbourne back in 1993.

Showing up each day to help others in their journey is not work to me; it is like a second home.

The wonderful client’s in Mudgeeraba, Robina and the surrounding suburbs are like an extended family, and each of them have a gift to bring or story to share.

This is my 10th year at Mudgeeraba Chiropractic, and I have enjoyed every step of the way, I have now worked in the Chiropractic industry for a whopping 16 years!

My aim each day is to give beyond and above exceptional service, to provide a happy smiling face, and a confidential ear when and if needed, and to witness the many miracles that we see each day.

To nurture, teach, love and respect each and every one of you, and to help you in your journey to be the best ever that you can possibly be.

The very best “You”

After all, you have one life, one spine and one chance to make the most of it.

Begin by looking after yourself first, because you so deserve it.

May your life be full of joy, laughter and continuing good health.

And may we at Mudgeeraba Chiropractic, with our team of chiropractors, osteopaths and psychologists, help you to find that, and be a part of your life journey.

Much love,
Chiropractic Office Manager